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First class incentives and events
Exclusive Opera, Music and Art & Culture Tours

Why Intermezzo? What makes our programs special?

  • Quality in every aspect of our service. We know how to find it and how to incorporate it into our programs. This priceless expertise is a fruit of long term experience, permanent site inspections and an instinctive ability to “chase” quality in life. Hotels, restaurants, cultural and musical programs, all have to meet our extremely high quality criteria.
  • Love for the detail. We “orchestrate” our programs, we make them flow harmoniously from one to another highlight. This fluent and uncomplicated realization is possible only then, when every little detail is carried out to its absolute perfection.
  • Culinary highlights. We propose you a fine European cuisine, as well as the most authentic regional food experiences. We take the menu, wine and venue selection to the highest quality and conceptual level.
  • Musical knowledge. We love classical music and we love to make it live in our programs. Our know how and passions allow us to select the most interesting musical events and to create worthy cultural programs around them. Music plays also a special role in our incentive programs, entertaining and enhancing the splendor of the events.
  • Rich intellectual background. Our clientele belong to these privileged people who perceive more and expect more than usual. We know how to make our programs intellectually rich and unique, we know how to distinguish an authentic highlight from a mass touristic product. Thanks to the especially organized meetings with brilliant personalities, journalists, scientists, business people and artists we open for our clients new fascinating intellectual and spiritual areas.
  • Personal touch. We assure you a very personalized service on each production stage, starting from the creation of the program concept, through the detailed preparations, until the final delivery of the project. We make you feel comfortable and perfectly served throughout the whole project.