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Intermezzo creates beautiful, private art & culture tours for all those who find pleasure in a more intellectual exploration of the world.

Poland offers a lot for this demanding kind of travel. Thanks to the fascinating historical processes, long periods of prosperity and international idea exchange, Poland gathered an absolutely unique cultural heritage.

The foundation of one of the oldest and most reputable university centers in this part of the world – Jagiellonian University in Krakow (1364) - was a major impulse for intellectual, but also economical growth. Polish monarchs were patrons of the most brilliant European scientists, architects, painters and musicians who concentrated around the court, bringing the newest trends and fresh ideas from around the world.

In Poland all architectural styles left their outstanding traces. There are monumental Gothic buildings, like this of Jagiellonian University’s Collegium Maius, Renaissance flairs imported to Krakow by the King’s Italian wife Bona, mannerist highlights of Flemish architects adorning the hanseatic city Gdansk, Baroque pearls from Habsburg times in Wroclaw & Lower Silesia and finally the classicistic masterpieces like the Royal £azienki Park in Warsaw with its splendid palaces and theatres. All of this combined with numerous art collections, good functioning musical theaters and finally beautiful landscape is an amazing source of inspiration for our tours.

Our task is to emphasize highlights, to tell beautiful stories and to discover all these little “tastes” that make our programs worthy and full of authentic colours. On request we arrange meetings with the most outstanding journalists, historians and personalities from the world of Art & Culture, who share their knowledge and passions with our clients.
Art & culture tours by Intermezzo are also “festivals” of first class cuisine which, next to the charming hotels and competent, passionate guides, define the quality of our service.